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Who we are

Medvice is a flexible, ambitious and innovative digital healthcare start-up founded by doctors, developers and scientists. Our vision is to give our burdened global healthcare a groundbreaking boost.

Our Goal

At Medvice, we have one common goal: to support healthcare providers and improve the quality of care offered to patients in the most cost-effective, efficient and innovative way possible.

The founders: Tareq Jaber and Ziyaad Jaber

We are challenging the status quo

Healthcare providers often experience problems with their healthcare information systems. Very outdated software hinders the provision of responsible healthcare. Medvice is changing this by deploying the smartest technical innovations available on the market.

The value MIA adds to the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare

Medvice measures the MIA Suite's added value based on its impacts on the universal Quadruple Aim of healthcare. Click here for more information.


Improve health of the general population


Improve Provider Experience


Reduce Healthcare Expenditures


Improve experience and quality of care provided

Why clinics
choose the MIA suite

Remote but tightly knit: meet our team

Our team consists of talented, handpicked international heroes who work remotely. After all, we cross borders to ensure the best results for our healthcare.

MIA Suite

MIA Suite


Prepare for your physical consultation. Clarify your health concern intuitively from home, with the MIA Mobile app.


Use the MIA Mobile app for direct medical advice. Only visit your clinic when necessary.


Can your ailment be treated at home? Get digital personalized advice from your general practitioner.

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MIA Suite

Save time

Reduce your history-taking and administration time to stay on schedule or to better focus on your patients.

Automate expert tasks

Receive a fully generated patient history status well before you see or speak to your patients.


Automatically exchange relevant data with your own EPD environment without performing additional tedious actions.

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MIA Suite

Ease your work

Reduce work-pressure among GP’s by automating time-consuming expert tasks, even from the waiting room.

For every patient

Enable patients without a smart device to prepare for their physical consultation, with the MIA 'In-Clinic' stand.


Use your patients idle waiting to gather their relevant medical information in advance. Do not waste time.

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