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This is the MIA mobile app, your personal doctor's assistant.

As a patient, describe your health complaint easily from home or on the go.

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MIA Mobile

Use MIA Mobile a in few easy steps

MIA Mobile

Share your most important medical info directly with your doctor

Answer crucial validated medical questions to help your doctor make a more accurate diagnosis. Tailor-made and easy to understand.

Share important medical info with your doctor

Clean, easy to use user interface with accessibility support

The MIA Mobile app is simple to use for everyone owning a smartphone. Words too small to read? No problem: with a simple tap on the screen you can quickly switch to a more readable and accesible user interface.

accessibility support

Key features that set us apart from the rest

The MIA Mobile app functions as your personal medical guide. MIA prepares you for your contact with your GP using the following functions:

Find your clinic based on your location

Start the medical
interview remotely

Begin an audiovisual call with your GP

One account for all your family members

Get advice within a few hours

How can MIA
serve you?

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